History | Columbia University Club of Chicago

Sustaining a Enlightened Columbia Community in Chicago Since 2009

The Columbia University Club of Chicago was reorganized in 2009. We are a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the local Columbia community together through a diverse range of programs. Since 2009, the club has programmed hundreds of events and will continue to sustain the club through traditional and new programming. The club exists to serve the interests of all local Columbia alumni.

Our Vision for the 2014-2015 Annual Year is to:

  1. Expand the relationships within the Columbia alumni community in Chicago
  2. Create an Advisory Board to shape future club leadership
  3. Bring innovative and provocative presentations to the membership
  4. Increase membership and participation at club events
  5. Expand programming options while continuing to offer traditional events

History of the Columbia Alumni Association

The CAA was founded in 2005 with an opening gala at New York's Museum of Modern Art.  In 2007, the CAA launched in Europe with the marquis "CAA Paris 2007" event, featuring a conference with notables such as Kofi Annan, Jeff Sachs, Joe Stiglitz, and Orhan Pamuk, School-based receptions, and a semi-formal gala.

The CAA has grown to support over 100 alumni clubs and shared interest groups, an online Alumni Directory and numerous social networks facilitating unlimited connections, a suite of career resources, and opportunities to connect in person through social, cultural, and intellectual programs.

In 2012, Lee C. Bollinger launched a Presidential Task Force to look at the next five years of the CAA. The CAA 2017 Strategic Plan lies out a healthy future for our Columbia connections and the possibilities of our alma mater, with a focus on five areas:

  1. School-based relationships and collaborations
  2. Volunteer development and empowerment
  3. Best practices 
  4. CAA Awareness
  5. Communications