Active Members

These are the active members and sponsors of the Columbia University Club of Chicago whose dues are current (within the past 12 months).

Sponsors: 9

Elan Long: $100 Club Sponsor through 5/19/2024

Tess Kowalski: $100 Club Sponsor through 3/05/2024

Daniel Balsam: $100. Treasurer and Club Sponsor through 1/24/2024

David Hartmann: $100. Book Club Leader and Club Sponsor through 1/24/2024

Joy Dantong Ma: $100. Membership Director and Club Sponsor through 1/24/2024

Chris Stacey: $100. Communications Director and Club Sponsor through 1/24/2024

Judy Avrick: $100 Club Sponsor through 1/16/2024

Robert Cregg: $250. President and Club Sponsor through 10/12/2023

Ed Israelski: $250 Club Sponsor through 7/22/2023

Regular Members: 39

Linda Moeller. Member through 5/26/2024.

Stephen Patt. Member through 5/06/2024.

Fausto Jiménez-Evans. Member through 3/29/2024. 

Leona Tang. Secretary. Member through 3/01/2024. 

Baron Leacock. Member through 2/23/2024.   

Mark Potosnak. Member through 2/06/2024.           

Justin Arch. Member through 2/06/2024.

Perry Kamel. Member through 2/05/2024.

Bob Liss. Member through 2/04/2024.

Janice A. Knox. Member through 1/28/2024.

Bo Tran. Vice President. Member through 1/24/2024.

Kenneth Smith. Member through 1/17/2024.

Joseph Schmidt. Member through 1/15/2024.

Margaret Klein. Member through 1/13/2024.

Wilnise Jasmin. Member through 12/29/2023.

Christian Moevs. Member through 12/26/2023.

Teresa Dryden-Smith. Member through through 12/24/2023.

Jonathan Gross. Member through through 12/08/2023.

Jessica Bernhardt. Social Media Director. Member through through 11/29/2023.

Elizabeth Klein Shapiro. Member through through 11/28/2023.

Michael Shapiro. Member through through 11/28/2023.

Sally Schwartz. Member through through 11/26/2023.

Mark Schwartz. Member through through 11/26/2023.

Linda Piccinini. Member through 11/10/2023.

Matthew Poss. Member through 11/06/2023.

Jonathan Green. Member through 11/05/2023.

Paul O'Connor. Member through 11/05/2023.

Ivy Pool. Member through 11/01/2023.

Mary Browne. Member through 10/31/2023.

John Kulczycki. Member through 10/26/2023.

Anne Moore. Member through 10/25/2023.

Camille Phillips. Member through 9/23/2023.

Bob McCaffrey. Member through 8/18/2023.

Danielle Lachance. Member through 8/01/2023.

Lawrence Manson. Member through 7/27/2023.

Marcelo Halpern. Member through 6/29/2023.

Paola Wisner. Member through 6/26/2023.

Kanza Tarar. Member through 6/04/2023.

Patrick Murray. Member through 6/01/2023.