Membership | Columbia University Club of Chicago

Become a member of the Columbia University Club of Chicago

Your $50.00 membership dues are vital to sustaining the Club and expanding its activities in the local Columbia Alumni community. Your membership helps to:

  • Subsidize free events and special programming ranging from the holiday party to faculty visits from Columbia professors.
  • Maintain the Club website and support other operating expenses.
  • Keep event prices reasonable and allow the Club to offer a discount to members on every event.
  • Columbia College, General Studies, Teacher's College, Barnard, and all graduate school alumni are eligible for membership.


Membership is on an annual basis and is tax deductible.

Become a Club Sponsor

Sponsors establish a strong financial foundation for the Club and are essential to future growth. Sponsors are recognized at the Annual Meeting and in the Club's year-end newsletter. Please consider sponsoring the Club at one of these levels:

Grand Benefactor Sponsor: $1,000

Crown Circle Sponsor: $500

Roaring Lion Sponsor: $250

Lion's Pride Sponsor: $100


 Sponsorship is on an annual basis and is tax deductible.

Affiliate Membership

A special $50.00 Affiliate membership is open to family, friends, and all non-Columbia alumni. Affiliate members receive discounted admissions to club events. Affiliate members have no voting rights and cannot become officers.


Affiliate membership is on an annual basis and is tax deductible.