The “Essential Macbeth”: Opera and The Epicurean Circle

The Lyric Opera begins its 2021-2022 season with Giuseppe Verdi’s Macbeth. Join co-hosts Daniel Balsam and Chris Stacey for an evening of their interpretation of  the "essential" moments of the opera. Join us for a discussion and audience participation about key passages in Verdi’s innovative opera that takes Lady Macbeth’s “bloodthirst to a new level” (Verdi expanded her role in the opera beyond the original Shakespeare).

Macbeth is filled with striking musical moments: “Shakespeare’s three witches turned into a strident, yet exciting female chorus; unsettlingly moving arias—Banquo’s beautiful aria before he is killed and Macduff’s powerful lament after the murder of his children -- rich orchestral colors symbolizing the inner voices of characters; and of course, Lady Macbeth’s mesmerizing sleepwalking scene, in which the composer said ‘everything is to be sung sotto voce and in such a way as to arouse terror and pity.’ The overall shadowy color (or tinta) that pervades Macbeth, arises partially from Verdi’s use of ombra music summoning the supernatural, but also from the opera’s critique of the allure of power.” – Dr. Sean Parr

We will show clips from the Metropolitan Opera’s 2014 production featuring star soprano Anna Netrebko who created a sensation with her riveting performance as the malevolent Lady Macbeth.

For those who want to watch the Met Opera's production in advance, you can find it here:

Met Opera On Demand:

Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021

Time: 6:30 PM CST

Cost: Free

Location: Zoom Video Conference

The Evening's Epicurean Theme

Watch for an update on the wine and food selections in the near future!

October 21, 2021 at 6:00pm - 9pm

Zoom Video Conference

Chicago, IL
United States

Chris Stacey

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