The Pullman Question. History of Chicago.

"A Birds-Eye View of Pullman," Circa. 1919.

George Pullman, owner of the Pullman Palace Car Company, was disturbed by the violence of the 1877 strikes at Chicago and created a “model town” to illustrate how capitalists and workers could achieve industrial peace.  Join Chris Stacey as we try and answer “The Pullman Question” – did the town meet the expectations of workers, George Pullman, and reformers such as Jane Addams? We’ll examine the economic, social, cultural, and political consequences of Pullman’s factory town. This presentation covers:

  • The Battle of Chicago: 1877
  • Aftermath of The Battle of Chicago: 1877-1894
  • A Biography of George Pullman: 1857-1897
  • Creating the Town of Pullman: 1880-1881
  • The Town of Pullman Celebrated: 1880s
  • Life in Pullman: 1880s-Early 1890s
  • Pullman’s Critics: 1880s-Early 1890s
  • Pullman’s Legacy: 1894-Present

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